Sunday, 1 May 2011

New doctor's practice

I am so pleased I changed to a new doctor's practice. My new doc gave me a stronger inhaler which my old doc's refused to give me and the pain in my legs I was getting daily due to lack of oxygen has completely gone and I've got my breath back. I feel like my old self again.


  1. Elaine, I am so pleased for you! It is so nice to get a problem off your list. I didn't realise you were still blogging babe. I will try and stay in touch. Just updated mine, its been 8 months since I last posted.

    I hope you are both feeling a lot better. You lovely people x

  2. Thank you Mrs Jones We're both doing well thanks. I have just had my last but one chemo and the only side effects I've had is going off chocolate for the first time in my life and alcohol nut I'm back on both now.
    Hope you are doing well xxx