Thursday, 29 September 2011

another fit and my brother funeral booked.

Because of the hock of hering about my brother not leavimg me a penny in hi will and forgetting to take my anti epileptic tablet the night beforeand ended up in hospitalovernight in olihull hopital and also lo the ue of my left arm

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

i THINK i TOLD YOUNALL ABOUT MY ALCOHOLIC BROTHER,well his neighbour and friend found him deD IN HIS PORCH YEATERDAY SADLY HE'S nanaged to dye from drink.
Ihave many fond memories of him from when he was younger.


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Good night out with friends.

Tonight we went out for a meal with our good friends Lisa and Brett and Mary really enjoyed ourselves and had a good laugh.
   I've had a lot of pain in my chest muscle after the panic attack from hyperventilating
 I must have damaged the muscle. The next day it felt really pulled,the next day  it went into aganising spasmthat I was screaming in pain and the next day it was stiff as a board I slept in one position as I was afraid of getting pain and woke up stiff as a board. Ihad to take Ibuprofen for a few days again. Today the muscle just felt like a badly pulled one

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Spoke to my genetic counsillor today to tell him about the fact I'd been in touch with a cousin from each side of the family and they said they didn't know of other breast  cancers in the family.Isuggested my brother and I must come from the milkman!
Still trying to get back to work. My manageress /friend was going to write to my oncologist to ask if I am fit enough to go back. When I saw my oncologists registrar the other week he asked what I'd need to get back to work and I said a letter from them and he said he would sort it straight away but of coursw he didn't.One of my bosses told my manageress not to write but I should see my oncologist again and as him for a letter.
  My wonderful oncologist phoned me himself this afternoon and said no they should write to him so yah boo sucks! He says I should write work a letter giving them permission for them to get information about my treatment and to ask him if I was fit to go back to work.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Great day with my cousin

Went into Gray's work sadly for the last time to drop off the party invitations and we were both very sad as we would both miss everyone so much although we will still keep in touch with a few of them we were both in tears and Elaine in reception aswell as others said how much they'd miss Uncle Graham as they call Gray. We then went to my cousin Pat's who lives nearby there and has had surgery to move a bunion. Gray baked her a plumb cake which his workmates love but wont have any more although one of them has the recipe. Plum cake is one of Gray's specialities made from the plums off our plum tree in the garden.
 I printed photos of our cousins in Essex we went to see last week .I thought I'd put them in the bag to take but must have forgotten them,typical!
 My Aunty Mary in Manchester left a message on our answer phone to tell us none of the family would be able to come to my party sadly. I was really looking forward to them coming. But that now means I can now invite 2 of my old friends I wanted to invite.
 My wig is making my head very uncomfortable ,I will be over the moon when my hair grows another inch or two.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

After London

After the episode of the Arimidex side effect I need to improve my confidence still and I have been very teary after it.It turns out lots of other people have had the same side effect.
 Sadly my sister in law and her family can't come to my party and neither can my old Navy friend Jan and her husband due to work commitments which means we can now invite others I wanted to invite.
 My cousin Pat has now had her bunion operation done so we will be going to see her on Tuesday and taking a Plum cake which Gray is going to make for her.
 On Wednesday we will be going out for a meal and a drink with our best mates Mo and Pete which we are looking forward to and on Friday with our good friend Paul who always manages to cheer me up. Also he is in the band who are playing for my party and sadly he doesn't think the drummer will be available.
 we went to see Leicester Tigers play yesterday and sadly they lost.
my sister in law and family are sitting now by us and it was great to see them and hug them again as it is ages since we've seen them a whole year for Andy and Hannah but we have seen Marion a couple of times. Sadly they won't be coming to my party as Hannah will be Newcastle. She starts sixth form college in a couple of days. When I started going out with Gray she was a tiny thing and now she's 16.
 Just the normal household jobs today like washing and ironing so we sidn't get out of the house exept to the washing line!

Friday, 2 September 2011

A holiday at last.

Came back this afternoon from a lovely 4 days in London. I managed to see my cousins I've never met vefore and Hampton Court OPalace which I've been wanting to see since I was 11.
I will be putting pics on later. Also we went to see wear my great great grandparents got marries St. Mary's in Lewisham. The only drawback is that I had bad side effects to the Arimidex I started last weekthe same as I did Aromatase my hand went numb again which really scared me and I had a full blown panic attack like I'venever had before I was trenmbling all over. I stopped taking it and willphone my oncologogists secretary Lynnon Monday. I'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL BTHE PARP inhibitors come out .