Wednesday, 29 December 2010

GP Appointment

My friend Mo came round this afternoon to take me to our GP's so I could ask for a prescription for more heparin injections as the hospital had told me to. She said they weren't allowed to prescribe it because i's too expensive but she gave me 10 anyway!

New pillow needed

I'm not getting much sleep lately due to pillow problems. They're just not working for me. After I had the brain bleed uthey told Gray to call a paramedic every time I had a neck ache cos I may be having another. How ridiculous! So we went off to John Lewis and bought one of these Tempur neck pillows which worked for for me for while but I had to sleep flat on my back which was uncomfortable. It worked for a short time and then  started giving me neck ache as it was too hard.

I've had trouble with my neck for years due to my job. As a dental hygienist you have your head in one position looking in people's mouths and we and the dentists had to live with neck ache. They still do. One day mine totally seized up and the doctor explained because of having it in one position for a long time it had gone in to  spasm and gave me stretching exercises to do which I did for years to help prevent problems.

So I decided to buy another pillow. We went out yesterday to catch a bus to Solihull to buy one but the local buses were'nt running like they should have been and when one turned up it wasn't going anywhere so we gave up and went home..Gray is back at work today so I've asked him if he can find me one in Brum on his way home from work today bless him

I had a text message from an old work friend I haven't heard from for ore than 2 years the other da I phoned her yesterday and she was really pleased to hear from  She wan'ts to come and see me in the new tear It was lovely to hear from her. It's now0640 am and Gray should be getting up for work now!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

CT scan

On Tuesday 22nd I had a CT scan done on my liver and lungs and horror of horrors they found a small clot on one lung and prescribed daily heparin injections I certainly didn't want to stay in hospital so I voluntered to do it myself at home as I was quite capable  as I have been trained to do them previously So I was shown and watched on the ward. We then had to wait 2 hours for the pharmacy to bring a supply of injections down We were at the hospital for 8 hours altogether It was very frustrating

It isn't very pleasant injecting yourself in the stomach daiily

Sunday, 19 December 2010


The snow has arrived big time.
We had decided to go shopping for some last minute stuff for Christmas as it was the last Saturday. So we went off to Solihull. But neither Birmuingham  nor Solihull councils had done any gritting on any road. We were worried we would have to walk back but luckily we didn't have to. 

I am still suffering from side effects from the steroids and the double vision is causing me eye strain with a headache over my ryes.

Gray's sisterr is coming down from Goxhiill to see us tomorrow and we are hoping to take her out for a meal.

Tuesday I'm booked in for a CT scan so I'm hoping to be able to get to the hospital.

Friday, 17 December 2010


I've been on steroids for nearly 3 months and the longer I'be been on them the worse the side effects. Loss of strength in my legs , getting out of breath very easily and now double vision. I am  being weaned off them slowly 1/2 a gram a week but it's taking a long time and he wants to keep me on a small dose indefinately! It's the double vision that's getting to me the most.

At Gray's work today they are having their secret santa and I've been invited but I'm not sure as it's difficult with double vision and anyway it's snowing..We will see.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Long gap over.

Hi SOrry about the long gap but I was waiting to hear about the parp inhibitor trial. We travelled down to the Royal Marsden 2days ago by taxi. Very long journey from Birmongham to be told no due to the fact they say I have metastases in the lining of my brain. It was suggested I have another drug by chemotherapy called carboplatin which I was told works just as well. It was also suggested I get a ct scan of my liver. I saw my oncologist yesterday and he has put me down for chemotherapy after Christmas and also a ct scan of my lungs. I'm typing this on the iPad. I intend to have the best Christmas ever this year you never know it may be my last. How depressing.
Yesterday ate I saw my oncologist we went in to my work place for the first time since I went off sick. It was great to see everyone. I really enjoyed it.