Friday, 29 July 2011

Day out.

Today we went to Stratford on avon for the day and visited the most haunted house in the country but my EMF reader didn't go off once.
 The global Gathering was on and the place was packed with young people very well behaved and pleasant. I spoke to one in the ladies toilet queue or line as the Americans call it. I asked her if a music festival was on as I had guessed from the number of new people and she said yes so I asked what type of music would there be there and she said dab dance.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Great time with friends.

Gray wanted to go in to work to empty his locker of a load of rubbish so off we went to the West Midland genetic lab at the Birmingham Women's hospital.  Afterwards we went to the proverbial pub in harbourne for a couple of drinks and then to zizzi's restaurant for a meal. I was not impressed by the choice or content of the veggie food. The starter I had to eat a couple of pieces of non descript pizza off a sharing plate which had squid on it and my pizza was absolutely tasteless it was like eating just bread. The Tiramiso was really sickly and too creamy but the company was awesome and I so enjoyed the evening.
   The evening was dedicated to those being made redundant and Gray and Paul's retirement. A speech was made for Paul and I was going to make a speech for Gray but he wouldn't let me.
   We asked them what they thought of going to my birthday party and it being a mutant party and they loved it. WE asked Paul if his band would play for us at the Barton Arms and he was very exited about it and said it was a great venue so I have that to look forward too. 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Family Tree

For many years I have wanted to do our family history and even though my mum bought me a book on it in the 1980's I still hadn't got a clue how to do it. Then came the internet and what a revelation and anyway I hadn't got time to do it as I was working full time in Plymouth.
 After moving back to Birmingham which is where I was brought up I broke my wrist in Leigh on sea Southend while visiting my brother and sister in law with Gray. I fell over a pavement stone that had been placed on top of the pavement and I was off sick for 7 weeks so I had the time and the internet was a revelation. I went to Solihull library and found I found that I could use ancestry for free on their computers. and we bought family tree softwear for our computer and I was well away. Gray thought I was
a bit weird but once I got going he wanted and started hid own. The only regret I had was that both my parents were dead. My genetic counsillor wants me to print it out for him.
  It would have been my Dad's 88th Birthday on 21st July so I made a birthday card for him and put it in the garden of remembrance.
 Yesterday I phoned my very old ex Naval friend and had a lovely chat with her and got the number of another old friend from her so I phoned her to and she was gobsmacked to hear from me.
 ataomorrow I'm seeing mu brother for the first time in ages for lunch. He is a recovering alcoholic.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Beautiful day

Today in Brum is an absolutely beautiful day and the sun is shining lots of warmth and I'm sitting in the garden with a glass of beer after having an ice cream what could be better. We went for a walDcountry Park and watched the aeroplanes taking off and landing.
 I tried phoning my friends Anita and Sarah with no reply and spoke to my wonderful father inlaw who is going in to a care home while my brother and sister in law are way on holiday. I  also tried skyping a few BRCA sisters with no reply.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bye bye steroids

Because I have no problem in my head as it was caused by a bang on my head and not the breast cancer I am now being weaned off the steroids. Thank God I did have that bang om my head or they wouldn't have found my secondaries.It was' as if it was meant to happen. I've got a guardian Angel looking after me and all the prayers mine and Grays family helped me loads I'm sure.
 Nothing special to do today exept make an anniversary card for Marion and Andy my wonderful sister and brother in law as it's their 24th wedding anniversary. We are also hoping to go to our local pub for a tipple
 This evening I had a smashing chat with my great aunt Mary in Manchester and I mentioned how I had had a chat with my wonderful cousin Claire and the fact that she is psychic and she wasn't at all surprised so it seems like it runs in the family. I've often thought I had some psychic abilities and some years ago I had my horoscope done by a serious astrologer who said I had strong intuitive abilities verging on psychic.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Home of Metal

 The city I live in Birmingham Uk is the home of Heavy Metal including Black Sabboth and Judas priest and the city council have put a brilliant display of Heavy Metal which we went to today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been a heavy metal freak since about 15 years old. Once a rocker always a rocker
 Yesterday would have been my dad's 88th birthday and I made a birthday card for him to put on the garden of remembrance but we didn't get time to go there yesterday so we went today instead and as usual I was in tears as I miss my dad so much.
  I also tried to book a plot for myself but they said they had none sine 1960. I also asked about my grandmothers grave but they wanted the exact date of death and I only had the year.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Good meal out

Had a lovely Thai meal out with our friends Mo and Pete at the Barton Arms  Food was great and so was the company. My BRCA sister Lita and I tried to Skype each other but had problems and had to word message each other instead.
 Another of my BRCA sisters  went into hospital in Derby yesterday for her reconstruction and had surgery this morning to have her expanders put in. Her worderful husband Graham has been posting us updates on facebook and we are hoping to visit her in Stoke next week.
 Tomorrow we go to Solihull hospital for Gray's exercise class again.
  My wonderful husband Gray clared the junk from under the bed and I managed to retrieve all the photos thanks to Gray. Tried to scan them on to the pc but they don't seem to have worked. Will probably try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cpd day

Went to Grays heart rehabilitation lecture on risks of heart disease and life support which gave me 2/12 hours of continuous profesional development. Then we went to our favourite Italian restaurant and tomorrow to his exercise class and I will be able to go shopping on my own yipeee!
 I am feeling absolutely bursting with energy both physically and mentally and desperate to be around lots of people and party. We talked about arranging a party for my Birthday in October.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Great convo

Had a really enjoyable long chat with my cousins daughter Claire We get on like a house on fire and we have so much in common it's incredible , same bands and everything and she is an amazing pschic,I can't wait to meet her.I had an emotional morning for some reason don't know whether it was the BRCA or the cancer. Gray phoned my oncologist's secretary Lynn and she said yes the effects I've had were probably from the aromasin. Mo and Pete came round with some veg from their allotment. . my wig now has a hole in the crown so we will buy a new one tomorrow. Mo and Pete our best friends are coming round so we can go to town to buy a new wig and to go for a tipple at my favourite pub. Anyway getting late now so I am going to snuggle up to my husband in bed.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Feeling a little happier.

My wonderful husband Gray has been taking me out to cheer me up bless him and yesterday I work up and thought ooh I'm back at work in  weeks and that really cheered me up. Wierd I expect you're all feeling but I absolutely love my job.
 Tomorrow Gray is taking me to Warwick Castle
  I spoke to my friend and work manager yesterday and she has invited us to go for a drink and listen to some live music together on Sunday which I'm really looking forward to.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Had a lovely chat with my genetic counsillor on the phone yesterday about how I felt and was in tears so he decided to suggest me going in to see him which I said yes as I'd love to meet him.
 The priest at the church in Killarney contacted me to say he couldn't find my grandmothers baptismal only Cherry. Her name was Sherry and he suggested a spelling mistake and I though of course Sherry would sound like Cherry with an Irish accent. It's important I trace her family as it's the only side I can't get back on so we assume the gene comes from her. My grandmother came to England with one of her sisters so they would be at risk to if my mum did have the gene.
 Both Gray and my counsillor is wondeing if there has been a mistake and my cousillor thinks I should be tested further in case I've got a BRCA 1 gene aswell from my dad's side as they have a strong family history of BRCA diseases. We shall see.
   Also my oncologist had asked me to phone him to get the report on my mums test and to inform him about the latest on Parp inhibitors as I had told him my counsillor had told me about them

Friday, 1 July 2011

Feeling very depressed.

Feel like I've wasted my time being gene tested as the reason for it was to save the lives of my BRCA positive cousins but I can't get in touch with any of them on my dads side or my maternal grandmothers si                                                                                                                                                                                          de. All the cousins on my mums side have thankfully come back negative
My friend Mo has been told the tumour in her lung is smaller than they thought it was ,it was a typing error!
 My sick pay has run out as I have been off sick for 9 months and statutory sick pay only lasts 28 weeks.
I phoned the Macmillan helpline today and they were very helpful. I'd had a look at the form on the net and it's means tested so I didn't think we would be able to get it but they told me we could under the special rules. I have been very worried about money as we have none coming in now apart from disability living allowance as Gray has been redundant.I will be phoning my oncologists secretary to get a form I need for it.                                                                                                                                         When my Dad died he left their house to my brother and me straight down the middle. I have asked him for our half of the money as we're desperate as I have many times before but he still refuses. I was very upset and in tears and he called me a bitch.       
 I phoned Breast Cancer Care today about the t-shirt I ordered and asked for my cousin but she doesn't work there any more so I looked her up on 192 and found a few with her name who live in her town. I phoned them but they weren't in so I left a message on their phones. One was in but she wasn't the right one.
  My oncologist wants a copy of my mum's mutation and the information on the parp inhibitors from him so I tried phoning him but he wasn't in.
 I had a phone call from St Mary's yesterday, he left a message on the phone for me to call him back about my grandmother. I phoned but he was conducting a funeral.