Sunday, 29 May 2011

My wonderful BRCA sisters

Last Thursday the day after I finished my chemo and Gray's birthday my wonderful Swedish BRCA  sister flew vinto Birmingham airport. Another of my wonderful BRCA sisters Rian and her BRCA cousin Maxine , me and Gray went to meet her there and we all hugged each other. We had a coffee then Rian took Sussane to Stoke to stay with her and then they went down to Potters Bar to stay with BRCA Caroline and see BRCA Lisa and BRCA Liz. I was sad I couldn't be with them especially as they went to a rock club and I'm a headbanger.
I've often thought my dad's family originated in Scandinavia so I put a search on google looking for Scandinavian BRCA mutations and guess what mine was amongst them. I messaged Sussanne and said we may be related!
As I've been doing the family history for about 8 years I went onto Ancestry today and foubd a relative connected to our great great great great grandfather so I left a comment for him and my mobile number in case he wants to phone me.
On the 23rd May it was my mum's birthday, she died in 1995. So I made a birthday card for her and we went to visit her grave sadly one day late so I made it into a belated card that's the advantage of making your own cards.I had chosen a white marble tomb stone and we hadn't been there for quite a while and it was really mucky. We took a micro cloth and an empty bottle for water and had a go with it but it's not perfect we will have to take a scrubbing brush next time.

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