Thursday, 30 April 2009

In work yesterday. Only had a one day break between this time and was very tired today. Was supposed to be working tomorrow aswell but booked it off for Helen's wedding.

Emma texted me this morning to say there were some plants to pick up so I had to go into work to pick them up after taking a repeat prescription request into the GP'S.

Spent the evening getting ready for Helen's wedding and the overnight stay at the hotel.

My cousin Pat phoned this evening, I always enjoy a chat with her. I also phone my friend Mo for a chat. Both of which helped to cheer me up a bit.

Still no phone call from the hospital and it's been over a week now. Still feeling downhearted and angry the hospital seems to have left me to my own devices. Feel a bit isolated. Don't feel I can talk to my family and the rest of my friends until I have spoken to them.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Feeling quite depressed about my BRCA status.

Was in work all day yesterday and told Emma who kept hugging me, both of us in tears and Emma kept saying "It's just not fair". Emma told Claire and she hugged me too. Nobody else knows yet but I did tell young Emma who was working with me it was not good.

Gray took me for a meal at La Nonna's to cheer me up which it did a little but it's always in the back of my mind if not the front and the whole lot!

I'm also very worried about the swine flu and have started taking Manuka honey today!

It isn't very Spring like today and I have put the heating on as I was feeling nippy!

Still waiting for a phone call to book my councilling appointment, it's been a week now and I'm getting rather agitated.

Friday, 24 April 2009

What can I say! My mind's on one thing at the moment.
I found out yesterday I have a faulty BRCA2 gene and I am in shock.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Gray went into the Patrick room in the cancer centre at tyhe QE in his lunch break to ask about the support group there. (I've been asking him to go in for ages as he works just next door at the BWH. They said the support group is full of old ladies and they thought I was too young to be interested!

Having lunch with my brother the day after my first full day.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday21st April

It's the day after my first full day at work for six months and I slept right though till 1100 and could have slept longer but I'd arranged to meet my brother for lunch.
I'm also working all day on Thursday. Was supposed to be working three days next week Monday, Wednesday and Friday but booked Friday off as going to a friend at works wedding near Kidderminster. But doing three days the week after.

Decided it may be a good idea to have a relaxing day at home doing the ironing tomorrow!

Work is much more tolerable with the help of a nurse and they are now booking me 20 miute appointments instead of the manic 15 I had before I got ill.

Had to buy a new mobile phone on Saturday as my favourite pink Sony Ericsson completetley conked out and I couldn't find the receipt or the insurance.
Of course I found the receipt with the insurance on Sunday!!!

Have tried to download a photo onto here from my new phone without success! Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Never had any problem with my old phone.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday 15th April 2009

Well Easter's over now. Marion Andy and Hannah came on Good Friday and stayed until Easter Monday. We went to the Dr. Who exhibition at the Coventry Transport museum which was very enjoyable and took them out for a couple of meals ovr the weekend. On Saturday we went to Leicester to watch the Tigers beat Bath. Great game to watch. Well the second half was!

Marion and Hannah at the
Dr. Who exhibition.

I managed to get through the two half days at work last week with the help of Jordan who was nursing for me. Yesterday I started my second week of two half days. Tuesday instead of Monday because of the bank holiday. I had the help of Emma (the young'n!) and Gemma Hazel!

Gemma Sheppard is leaving and she will be greatly missed.

Booked a holiday to Tenerife today but have had trouble finding travel insurance due to my medical conditions. Those companies that will cover them most of them want to charge approx £200 for two weeks!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tuesday 7th April

Woke up this morning absolutely exhausted after yesterday. Had to drag myself out of bed at about1100 hrs!!

Managed to get to the local shops and walk very slowly back! Also managed to do some sorting out ready for our visitors we're having at the weekend for Easter. Looking forward to seeing my sister in law,brother in law and niece.

We are going to Coventry transport museum on Saturday with them to see the Dr. Who exhibition which should be enjoyable
We have bought plenty of red wine for them as they gave booze up for lent so want to get pie eyed!!

Monday 6th March

Went in to work last Thursday to take Emma's birthday present in before she went off to Brighton. Had a lovely welcome from all and they said how they were looking forward to me coming back.
Went in for my first day back at work for 6 months today. Just working Monday and Thursday afternoons for the first two weeks to see how I go. Had Jordan nursing for me and what a great help she was. Owain was wonderful and asked Claire to cancel every 4th patient and even saw one of them himself. He said how stupid it was to have booked 15 minute patients in. I could not be expected to work like I was before I became ill. He said how some people had no empathy.
Managed to get through the afternoon well with the help I got in spite of being exhausted after the journey in!