Sunday, 7 June 2009

On Thursday we had Gemmas leaving meal at the Shalimar in West Bromwich. We started off in the Globe pub for a drink first. It was an enjoyable evening but we were very tired the next day. We will miss Gemma.
The weather has turned awful. Rain, rain, rain. Have gone back into jumpers and wearing a jacket in the house. It's hard to believe a few days ago we were sweating!

We went into Solihull today and actually bought an HD TV eventually! It is being delivered in the week. Can't wait.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Good news. Had a letter from the surgeon Miss Hoar this morning saying she'd had a letter from the consultant geneticist Dr. Ong saying I should have yearly mammograms so she is arranging for me to have one in November two weeks before I see her. That's a relief I wont have to fight for it after all. So the Senior Reg. got it wrong.

Worked Monday and Tuesday, today off and working tomorrow and Friday. My first 4 day week for 8 months an doing two consecutive days has left me shattered today.

Need to have some energy for tomorrow as Gemma is leaving and we are going for a meal after work. Gemma will be greatly missed.