Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday 8th November.

A very wet day! At least  the daytime TV has been better today after phoning Sky and getting another package. Unfortunately we wanted 2 as we wanted ESPN so we can see live Rugby but it's too expensive.

Had a phone call from a very old friend from my childhood and we talked for hours on the phone.
I am very much looking forward to seeing my oncologist on  Wednesday.
Also had along conversation on the phone with my best mate Mo. We are going out for a meal with with Mo and Pete  on Friday. And Gray and I are going out for an Italian meal tonight round the corner.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Sunny Sunday

I am finding I'm sleeping better now my evening steroid has been halved. I was having disturbed night's for a while constantly waking up and using my reading light to look at my watch! But now I feel more rested. Gray saw our next door neighbour today who joked that she was disgusted by me going down to the porch one morning in my pj's to pick up the post! I said to Gray she does know I'm off sick doesn't she? And he said of course.

Gray's old boss died last week and he is going to Berkeswell. for the funeral tomorrow.. Also one of our neighbours died last week and she was in her 4'0's. avaer sad. we have been invited to the funeral and I have nothing to wear and can't afford anyting and Gray is stressing he hasn't even got a black tie for tomorrow. All I've got is a pair of jeans and a a black T-shirt to wear!

Walked  to the chemists with Gray today to the pharmacy with a new prescription and to do a a little shopping before the walk home.
It's been a lovely sunny day today but it is getting very cold now it's after 16.00  and starting to get  dark.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Day out Shopping.

Went out early this morning to go shopping to buy new sofas. Very happy with them. They will be delivered in January. Being vegetarian they are made of faux suede. Just the sort of thing I have been looking forward to for a  few years or more. Very happy we have found them.

Also did a a big shop in Boots for toiletries which willl last for months. spent over 80 quid! And managed to buy a new mobile phone very similar to the one I lost a couple of months ago on special offer from Carphone warehouse which I'm very happy with but am finding it hard work to work out how to use and yes of course I've lost the instructions! It will keep me occupied  during the day!

Yesterday was am amazing day. My oncologist phone to say the neuro surgeon didn't even want see me . And he is putting me on Parp inhibitors. I will have to go to Cambridge for that as They are doing BRCA 2 down there which makes sense as it was found down there by Professor Mike Stratton. I can't remember smiling for so long in one day. I am to see my oncologist at 14.30 on Wednesday about it. I awas actually in taers of happiness as well!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I phoned my oncologists secretary Lynn this morning. A very nice lady to ask about this neuro surgeons appointment and she said she'd get back to me. I also phoned the GP's surgery and asked if I could swap the prescription they had given me for Ranitidine tablets for the liquid version and they said they would sort it for me and post it as we can't get there for a week and it takes 2 days for the prescription. I can't get there on my own and Gray can only get there on a Saturday morning as he is working.

My oncologist has just phoned and he says the neuro surgeon don't want to do anything. Wow!! And my wonderful oncologist is putting is putting me on Parp inhibitors bit I wil have to go for Cambridge  for it as they are doing BRCA1 in Birmingham and BRCA2 in Cambridge which makes a lot of sense to me a it was Proffssor Michael Stratton at the Welcome Trust there who found the BRCA 2 gene and I'm going to meet . I'm so exited and happy. I 'm absolutely extatic.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

No Hospital Appointment Come Through Yet.

Was supposed to be receiving an appointment this week but the post csame with junk makil. Iphoned my oncologists secretary as asked but she was off today. Will try again tomorrow.
 Bit of a nondescript day really except for getting stressed up about this hospital appointment.

Did some knitting and then managed to trip on the wool and managed to unravel what I'd done. I have not been in a very good mood today. Managed to do a bit of net shopping too.

Had a web chat with some friends too.

Tonight I'm looking forward to going on the Breast Cancer Care web site primary chat site to speak to my old friends. I was told last time I should go on the secondary chat instead but my old friends say they have missed me. The secondary chat is on a Tuesday and I missed it anyway.

Boots phoned this evening to say my contact lenses were ready for collection so I tried to phone Gray to ask him to pick him up but as usual I just kept getting stressed up getting through to his voicemail all the time which is where all my credit on my mobile goes. (don't ask me what is wrong with the spelling of voicemail is! perhaps because it's English spelling!) Eventually I got him after about  half an hour.

Right I'm now going to chill out in front of the telly and try and repair the knitting.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Good Morning!

It's very early - 0730 and have just seen Gray off for work. I have had a lovely veggie bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast made by my wonderful husband ready for when I take my steroids. There is a routine in the morning. I always seem to wake up first and Then Gray at 06.30. I take my Thyroxine which has to be taken 30 minutes before food and then breakfast.

Last night Gray managed to find my lost contact lens on the bathroom floor. I cleaned it and soaked it overnight and it's absolutely fine for another week when I'm due to change to  change them  for a new pair.

When I started on the steroid tablets they gave me a very acid stomach and I couldn't eat anything but eggs and cheese which I haven't touched for years as I used to be vegan but now vegetarian again. Everything I ate felt like battery acid. Then when I saw my oncologist I mentioned it to him and he suggested some tablets but they had gelatine in so he gave me a prescription for Ranitidine - 2. 5ml spoons twice a a day and it worked wonders and lo and behold I could enjoy food again. The prescription has now run out and our GP has given us another but they are tablets. The pharmacist ensured us there was no gelatine in and I checked the ingredients label. I am due to take the first one this morning and have decided to dissolve it in water. I just hope it's as effective. They say take 2 a day 12 hourly. 30 minutes before taking the steroids. Well I'm supposed to take my steroids at breakfast and lunch but that won't work now. It will be morning and evening meal  My oncologist had suggested at lunch time so as not to keep me awake at night.We shall have to see if it works. When we get my next prescription we will put a little note in for the GP asking for the syrup instead. I was not in a good mood when I realised what she'd done. It was written by one of the doctors I'd never seen before so she doesn't know me. I'd rather one of my two usual doctors had done it.

I was woken in the night by torrential rain on the windows!

The knitting is now going strong and Gray's  jumper is on the way

Last night we got a taxi to one of our favourite balti houses. We hadn't been there for about 6-8 weeks and we know the staff there so it was lovely to see them again.But I chose too mild a dish which  didn't have much flavour but it was still enjoyable to get out.

My brother came round for a couple of hours to see me yesterday afternoon and brought a couple of DVD's his friend Dave lent for me to watch.

Anyway I've got some tablets to try and dissolve!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Frustrating Day!

The morning started well with a couple of rested hours lie in then DISASTER!
While putting my left contact lens in it decided to fall out goodness knows where. In spite of lining everything including the s ink with white tissues  so I can see the blue tinted lenses when they're dropped. So I had a few old disposable daily ones which are to a higher  power and now I have to wear reading glasses all the time for any close work like this.I pay a monthly direct debit for my lenses and  am supposed to receive them by post every couple of months but haven't for a while . I was only given 2 weeks of lenses and I have only a weeks worth left. So I phoned the opticians and the recepitionist insisted I had lost 6 weeks worth which is absolutely ridiculous but I couldn't be bothered to argue with her. You're not due your next delivery 'till December she said. You're joking I said. Could I pay extra for some more for now as I was desperate. So I had to pay about £70.00 extra on top of the direct debit while I'm on sick pay. What a rip off!

Thaen  my reading light got lost again, the one I use in the night if I need a pee so as not to wake Gray up. So I went on Amazon and ordered another 3. Made a right pig's ear of that! Ordered them on my name on my card and then it came on Gray's card. Luckily my Brother was here to help me sort it but it was very frustrating.
My cousin Pat phoned today and she always helps to cheer me up.

I'm just waiting for my brother to go home so I can get ready for Gray getting home as we are going for a balti for the first time in about 8 weeks and I'm really looking forward to it and seeing our friends that work there.

Monday, 1 November 2010

The Tatters Man!

Today I managed to get an hour's lie in after Gray went to work. The tatters man woke me up earleir than I wanted to! It's unusual him coming round during the week while people are at work but it's dustbin collection day tomorrow morning. Perhaps that had something to do with it.
Last night Gray tried to show me how to make a rug! I'd never in my life made one before but had and made it look very easy but not for me and he is going to have to try and teach me again.
Wore myself out during the day stating knitting a jumper for Gray. Quite a complicated pattern. Watched a couple of DVD's and then had a doze on the sofa before tidying up before Gray got home. Also had a chat on the macmillan cancer support chat site with a few of them which I used to do a lot the first time I had breast cancer and it really cheers me up.

Had my shower and hair wash which to start with I needed Gray's help but not any more. I just love my independence and I'm feeling great now and trying to enjoy life as much as possible. Hoping to go for a Balti tomorrow to one of my favourite Balti houses " Spicewoods" for wonderful food and to see our friends that work there who we haven't seen for about 6 -8 weeks. They will be wondering where we have been. We will get a taxi there as Gray thinks it's a bit far tot far for me to walk at the moment. We are not sure exactly yet how far I should walk. We will ask the oncologist next time although I feel like I need the exrecise as I'm putting on weight with the steroids and they are making my face go puffy and I just hate that. As you can see I haven't put any recent photos of myself on here yet as I'm a bit ashamed!

Anyway, a lovely veggie roast meal awaits which I'm really looking forward to!