Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day in Mostly

Today I had a very exiting day! Went shopping to the Wheatsheaf our local shopping centre to get my Apple and raspberry J2O;s and my soya milk. Holland and Barrett's freezer and fridge were no more ice cream for me for a while.Their fridge had only just been repaired aswell. I said I would sack them if I was the repair company. I also went into Osbournes the office shop to get some get well stuff to make a get well card for Mo my best friend had surgery for breast cancer.
 I made a card for my sister in law as it's her birthday soon,one for Mo and a Birthday card for my mum. My mum died of ovarian cancer in 1995 but I thought it would be nice to visit her grave with a card.Also it's Dad's day on 19th June so I tried to make a Dad's day card but you can't get card making stuff for men exept cars and sports and Dad was not into either of them. He liked birds so I tried to print some pictures off the net but it didn't work then I thought of my sister in laws facebook will have pictures of birds as she keeps them in the garden in an avery. My Dad died in 2007 but like Mum I thought it would be nice to take a card.
  I phoned my genetic councillor today and had a lovely conversation with him he's a very nice bloke.. He reminded me that although I was turned down for the Parp inhibitor trial I had a chance still of getting on it and I remember them saying that in London when I went for it they said that. Also he pointed out that it would be licensed soon and all BRCA positive people will be offered it. Yipee!

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