Friday, 26 August 2011

oncologists appointment yesterday.

Had a very positive appointment with the oncologist today. He is very pleased with me and I will be going back to work very soon. I will be having another ct scan in 10 weeks to make sure my mets are still stable.
 I am over the moon to be going back to work.
 I spoke to my bosses today about phasing back to work. 2 weeks on 2 days and then 2 weeks on 3 days before going back to 4 as I was before. It's been 1 year since I first went off sick with secondaries.
 Spent hours yesterday making invitation cards for my party and took my work ones in today.
 Our wonderful niece Hannah got her exam results today and she's done brilliantly. She will be going to sixth form college.
 I wanted to tell everyone my good news so I phoned my cousin John but he wasn't there so I left a message on their phone. I phoned Aunty Mary who was there and spoke to my Dad in Law, niece and sister in law.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Still confused

Have been in touch with one of my Irish cousins and they have told me there is no history of breast cancer on that side at all which goes to prove it must be on my dad's side.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Had a great afternoon today as my cousin John was down from Bury in Lancashire and he came to see me. We haven't seen each other since he was 6 and I was 7 and he is a typical chatter on my mum's side and we got on like a house on fire. We will be going up there to see him and his family soon.
 We also went to the Barton arms and booked my party I'm so exited and looking forward to it. I started making a guest list tonight when we got back. We estimate about 100 people. We will be phoning Gray's friend who plays in the band tomorrow and I phone my cousin Pat tonight to tell her.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Another day

Went to the Wheatsheaf to do some shopping then we went in to Solihull to do some more before going for an Italian meal at a local restaurant .And whoopie we booked a hotel in London for four days.Also spoke to my friend in Hampshire about going down to see her but she is away so we will have to wait until she comes up here for my party in October sadly.
 My brother's friend Dave phoned me to say he hadn't seen him for 4 days and we were very worried about him that he may have topped himself as he has threatened to do so before. I tried phoninh him repeateadly but couldn't get hold of him and we were talking about going in to his house and probably finding his dead body. Then he finally phoned us and said he was ok.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A day at home

Stayed at home today and spoke to my wonderful cousins Wyn,Claire and Bethany on the phone. I love talking to Claire she's so like me.Also did some card making and ironing and spent some time SITTING in the garden drinking Magners. Pretty boring day really sorry folks.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Totally fed up with voicemail

My mobile phone rings twice then goes through to voicemail b the time I get it out of my handbag which  means that I have to phone everyone back and it's getting very expensive and with me on long term sick and my husband redundant we can't afford. I have tried going through all the settings but csn't find any way of solving the problem so I took it back to thes hop I bought it from and neither could they. So I put the question on Yahoo and found out I need to change the settings on voicemail. Every time I phone voicemail on O2 it says I have to change my pin but whatever I put in it says it's the wrong pin even if I put my old one in so I can't access my voicemail at all. I phoned O2customer services on my mobile but the stupid computer wouldn't accept any of the numbers I was putting in so I phoned them on the house phone and the lovely man on the other end is trying his very best for me . Iam currently waiting for him to phone me back on the house phone.
  I'm absolutely fed up as the pub we were going to book my party in has been trashed by the rioters so we will have to think again. I spoke to Gray's work mate whose in the band whose playing for us and suggested another which he was very happy with.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

PI***ed off with the anarchists

I am absolutely pi**ed off with the rioting kids running our lives. The city centre is closed down again and we can't go on holiday because of the ba***ds.
 We managed to get into town early today to pick up my contact lenses before the city centre closed down and guess what the contacts that were supposed to be delivered at the begining of August turned up in the post today too would you believe it.
 There was no trouble today thank goodness but the city centre closed down just in case.
  Our good friends Mo and Pete came to pick us up to take us to the Barton Arms but it was shut down because of the rioters but we went to the Back Horse in Aston instead and it was very quiet there because of the paranoia. Sadly Mo was in a lot of pain from the surgery for her breast cancer.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bloody rioters.

We went into town for a Bogarts reunion last night but were forced out of town by rioting looters . When we got into the city centre we walked through the middle of two great big gangs. They seemed happy,smiling and joking and gave out no vibes of aggression. Gray reckoned there was something funny going on and later they were running around town with masks on there face smashing shop windows in shop windows. When we got to the pub where the reunion was we foubd out that the reunion had taken place 2 days before even though it was publicesed on forums on the net as 2 days later. Bogarts was a rock club I used to go when I was 16 in the early 70's that featured local up and coming local rock bands. I reckon we saw Black Sabboth and Judas Priest amongst other famous Brummie rock bands as Birmingham is the home of rock. I phoned the pub and they said they were having another there in a couple of months. I was very disappointed as I had been looking forward to it all week and I was wearing Patchouli oil as we did in the 70's and my Rammstein t-shirt.
 The riots have spread all over the country's cities.
  This evening we went for a balti in our local balti house and we met a lovely Irish man fom Dublin who loved talking as much as I do and I really enjoyed it. I mentioned how I couldn't drink Guiness as it isn't vegetarian and he said he doesn't like it.
  Hopefully the city centre is still in one piece as I need to pick up my contact lenses tomorrow from Boots.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Great afternoon with friend

Had a great afternoon out with one of Gray's workmates. We went to Chez  Jules for a meal We then went to the Bacchus Bar
 We had great fun as he is a lovely man with a great sense of humour and a great friend.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Dam allergy

I take Zirtec every day for my hay fever which I started after Clarityn stopped working for me as my body got immune to it. If I don't control my hayfever. I get an asthma attack with it so I decided to try clarytin again.I've been walking around the house with a tissue up each nostril as my mum used to because my nose continuously runs.
 Tomorrow we will be going to Stoke to see my wonderful BRCA sister Rian who is having her reconstruction done. She has just had her expanders fitted and they look awesome. I h and we are taking her some have made her a card which I hope will amuse her and we are taking her some chocolates and flowers.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A visit to my genetic counsillor.

Met my genetic cousillor for the first time yesterday. My original one went to New Zealand. Iwas with him for 45 minutes and we had a long discussion. He told me the gene has definately come from my mum;s side which we're all surprised about as all the BRCA related diseases are on my dad's side.It just doesn't makr sense and 10 of my cousins on my mum's side have all tested negative. He also said I'd put a great weight on my shoulders looking for family to br tested. I have been doing the family history for 6 years. My mum's mum was born in Ireland and I haven't been able to trace that side as they have hardly any records on the net.I tried to get hold of her birth certificate but she hasn't got one as they didn't register births there at the time. We assume the gene is on her side and it's very frustrating. I managed to contact the local cathedral where she was born and the priest there found the baptismal certificate and now I at least know her family. It's not fair to ask them to look for more sop we're going to have to go there next year to the church and look ourselves.
  As we were at the Birmingham Women's hospital yesterday to see my counsillor as the genetic clinic is there we dropped in to Gray's lab to see all his mates. Sadly it will be the last time as he's been made redundant. I made him a retirement card which he was very happy with.
 Today we are off to Solihull hospital for the last but one of Gray's exercise classes.
  I went to my docs yesterday to pick up my prescription and I left my jacket in the toilet accidentally as it was very hot and steamy so Iwill have to go there and pick it up today.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Good Afternoon

A gorgeous hot and sunny day in Brum today and the day of the Sheldon Coumtry Patk Show which was suberb. I had a go on the rile range and won a teddy bear. I used to be in the Royal Navy and used to shoot 22s for fun. I was so good they were going to put me in the shooting competition at Bisley but never got round to it.
 I will be seeing my genetic counsillor tomorrow and he wanted me to take in my family history so we printed it out this afternoon and I made a thank you card for Grays workmates for the great send off they gave him. But I accidentally put clinic on the front instead of lab!
  I'm watching my favourite programme Time Team then I'm off to the land of nod.