Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sadly missed

Last night I sadly missed a FORCE webinair as I got mixed up wit US east coast time and UK time.

My Maternal grandfather's poem

Here is the poem my maternal grandfather used to say recite to my mum when she was little and my mum used to recite to me when I was little.

Wora lovely night
Wora lotta stars
Wora lotta bars
Icame to court yow
Dain't yow know?
I told yowr mother
Dain't she tell yow
I's agreable
She's agreable
Aint yow eh?
I assume my maternal grandad worked in the Black country. Sadly I never met him as he died about the time I was born but my mum said she'd taken me to see her parents when I was a baby and my memory's not quite that good!
My grandad was a decorative hand glass cutter of table ware and I have a beautiful y decorated vase of his and there is also a beautifully decorated wine glass that is sasdly chipped.
My older cousin had met him and I ask her about him.

Monday, 30 May 2011

old friend

Gray was rummaging around a drawer we haven't used in years and found my old filofax which had names and addresses of old friends from years ago who I've lost touch with so I tried phoning a few. One was out so I left a message on her phone with my phone number.I got through to one and she was over the moon to hear from me ,we swopped mobile numbers. On one number it said the number doesn't exist.
 I had a lovely time on the TAPS chat site .
 I've been trying to transfer pictures from the camera onto the computer but I couldn't get the softwear to work it woorked fine wehen I used it last week I don't understand that was on the laptop so now we're trying on the desktop but we have to install the softwear first.

old friend

Gray was rummaging around a drawer we haven't used in years and found my old filofax which had names and addresses of old friends from years ago who I've lost touch with so I tried phoning a few. One was out so I left a message on her phone with my phone number.I got through to one and she was over the moon to hear from me ,we swopped mobile numbers. On one number it said the number doesn't exist.
 I had a lovely time on the TAPS chat site .
 I've been trying to transfer pictures from the camera onto the computer but I couldn't get the softwear to work it woorked fine wehen I used it last week I don't understand that was on the laptop so now we're trying on the desktop but we have to install the softwear first.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

My wonderful BRCA sisters

Last Thursday the day after I finished my chemo and Gray's birthday my wonderful Swedish BRCA  sister flew vinto Birmingham airport. Another of my wonderful BRCA sisters Rian and her BRCA cousin Maxine , me and Gray went to meet her there and we all hugged each other. We had a coffee then Rian took Sussane to Stoke to stay with her and then they went down to Potters Bar to stay with BRCA Caroline and see BRCA Lisa and BRCA Liz. I was sad I couldn't be with them especially as they went to a rock club and I'm a headbanger.
I've often thought my dad's family originated in Scandinavia so I put a search on google looking for Scandinavian BRCA mutations and guess what mine was amongst them. I messaged Sussanne and said we may be related!
As I've been doing the family history for about 8 years I went onto Ancestry today and foubd a relative connected to our great great great great grandfather so I left a comment for him and my mobile number in case he wants to phone me.
On the 23rd May it was my mum's birthday, she died in 1995. So I made a birthday card for her and we went to visit her grave sadly one day late so I made it into a belated card that's the advantage of making your own cards.I had chosen a white marble tomb stone and we hadn't been there for quite a while and it was really mucky. We took a micro cloth and an empty bottle for water and had a go with it but it's not perfect we will have to take a scrubbing brush next time.

Friday, 27 May 2011

End .of chemo

This week I had my last chemo and I've just got to wait until the side effects of painful muscles to go which should take about 4 weeks before going back to work. We went out this evening to my favourite pub and Thai restaurant to celebrate.

Monday, 23 May 2011

new presctiption

, I made the card in tohe other day my clenil inhaler ran out totally. Luckily I still had my old 30 mcg one the old docs gave me so I had to take 11 puffs of tyat as equivalant of a couple of the 200 mcg one.
 It's my Mum's 81st birthday today so I made her a Birthday card to put on her grave today but it was  too late after coming back from the pharmacists and it was windy and raining. So we will go tomorrow instead. I made the card into a belated one. My mum died in 1995 from ovarian cancer.
  Last night I had a nightmare like I haven't had  since I was very young. I dreamed Gray and I went on holiday and Gray met a girl called Claire and was having an affair witth her. I woke up in tears it seemed so real and Geay hugged me and put my mind at rest. Iknow he wouldn't do such a thing and I trust him implicently.

Friday, 20 May 2011

new contact lenses

Today we went in to town to pick up my new prescription contact lenses. I put them in while there and when I opened the one packet strangely there was no lens inside. I've never come across that before. They are going to replace it for me.
 We were supposed to be meeting Gray's workmate Paul but he didn't gdt in touch with us so it was no go..
  We decided to go for a balti at Spicewoods ,one of our local baltid . We are now both very tired.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day in Mostly

Today I had a very exiting day! Went shopping to the Wheatsheaf our local shopping centre to get my Apple and raspberry J2O;s and my soya milk. Holland and Barrett's freezer and fridge were broken.so no more ice cream for me for a while.Their fridge had only just been repaired aswell. I said I would sack them if I was the repair company. I also went into Osbournes the office shop to get some get well stuff to make a get well card for Mo my best friend had surgery for breast cancer.
 I made a card for my sister in law as it's her birthday soon,one for Mo and a Birthday card for my mum. My mum died of ovarian cancer in 1995 but I thought it would be nice to visit her grave with a card.Also it's Dad's day on 19th June so I tried to make a Dad's day card but you can't get card making stuff for men exept cars and sports and Dad was not into either of them. He liked birds so I tried to print some pictures off the net but it didn't work then I thought of my sister in laws facebook will have pictures of birds as she keeps them in the garden in an avery. My Dad died in 2007 but like Mum I thought it would be nice to take a card.
  I phoned my genetic councillor today and had a lovely conversation with him he's a very nice bloke.. He reminded me that although I was turned down for the Parp inhibitor trial I had a chance still of getting on it and I remember them saying that in London when I went for it they said that. Also he pointed out that it would be licensed soon and all BRCA positive people will be offered it. Yipee!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


This morning I put my eyelashes on and got in a right mess again. My good friend Claire said yesterday that she she tried them once and got in a right mess. I put them on today because we're going out with Donna a good friend who Gray works with and is also being made redundant. I'm looking forward to seeing her..
 Gray is in the garden he has decided to move the greenhouse to a sunnier place I am worried    
 he is going to do some damage to himself after his quadruple bypass.
 Our best friend Mo is having surgery for her breast cancer today and I'm going to make a get well card for her.  I made a birthday card for Debbie our next door neighbour which I took round yesterday.
  I received the magazine of the Dental Hygienist's Association the other day which means I can do another hour of CPD which I've done. I went on the website to put it on but it wouldn't let me log in, I needed my membership number and I hadn't got a clue. But I had a good clear out this morning and chucked out a load of old clothes that don't fit any more ready to put into the charity bags that come through the door and found my old big purse which had my membership card and it still wouldn't let me log in so I phoned them but he couldn't sort it out straight away as their computer was going slow so I will try again later.
 I had a letter from my cousin Wyn saying that my cousins have been trying to finf me on facebook but didn't know what my facebook name was so I am going to write her a letter when I've finished this.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Today I went in to work today and enjoyed seeing my mares again. Attended the practice meeting which I haven't been able to for a long time which I got one hours CPD for. I've been very worried about CPD as I haven't been able to do any while I've been off sick. I've been searching the Birmingham Dental Hospital website for lectures to go to but there has been none for hygienists. I also did some on the net but the link I was given to print the certificate out didn't work so that was a waste of time. If I don't do enough hours by August I will get chucked out of my job by the General Dental Council.
  When I woke up this morning my false eyelashes had come off in to the bed but I haven't found them yet. So I have had to buy yet more so I've decided to just wear them for when we go out for an evening as it's becoming rather expensive at £5 a time.
  Tomorrow we're going for a balti with a good friend who Gray works with who is also losing her job and on Friday we're going out with another good friend who is also losing his job.
 Anyway I must do some ironing.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Work Mates

Had a lovely day today, went in to work to see all my work mates who I've missed so much in the last 6 months while I've been off sick.They were all so welcoming and all gave me a hug.I saw one of the patients in the corridor and he said hello to me. I said to Gray see all the patients know me.
 Gray still hasn't had a letter confirming his redundancy.
 My brother Greg was supposed to be going to Aquarius today but he was having a delivery so he is going to make another appointment.
 We went to the Urban Pie for a meal in tows on the way home and then did some shopping and I bought some more eyelashes as spare.
   When I woke up this morning one of my eyelashes was half off and when I got home one of them was coming off. What a pain.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Gray's birthday present.

Went to Coventry today to get Gray's birthday present which is a Hornby Pullman model train. I also bought a new pair of false eyelashes which I will be very careful with them in the morning.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

eyelashes lost sadly

I bought some lovely natural looking false eyelashes from Boots in Solihull yesterday and glued them on after putting in my contact lenses and managed to loose one of the pair so I will have to go in again and get another pair.
 The pain I have been getting in my legs I'm pretty sure are caused by the chemo as I have had very tender arm muscles for a while and as one of the nurses said chemo can affect your body in all sorts of ways.
 I phoned my cousin Wyn today and we realised we had never met as I am much younger than her. She used to live in the same city as me Birmingham but moved down south to Essex. Gray's brother and his family live in Essex so I've asked him if we can visit her next time we go down there and he says yes. I can't wait to meet her. Her daughter's have been looking for me on facebook under my maiden name so now Wyn is going to tell them to look for my married name.I have just done a survey on Force about metastic breast cancer and prevention of ovarian cancer which I was very happy to do and would encourage others to do the same.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

False eyelashes

Hi, with the chemo I have lost a lot of eyelashes so I bought some false eyelashes today.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

trip to town

Went into the city centre today by bus to pick up my contact lenses. I can definately see better with it but not as sharp as the other one. The optician wants to see me again in two weeks.
  I've recently started straightening my hair again since I srarted chemotherapy and every time I straighten it a load of hair comes out so I thought it was about time I started wearing my wig. When I bought the wig I bought some special shampoo for it which I lost. So I went into Selfridge's where I bought it from today to get some more. The lady who sold me it asked me where I'd bought it from and said it was gorgeous and really suits me I thanked her of course and was very flattered I said I am very happy with it.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hay fever sorted.

Today I started on a new antihistamine called Zirtak as my precious one clarytin had stopped working.Since taking it I haven't sneezed once it works great.


Went to a craft day today to learn how to make greeting cards which I'd tried to do before but hadn't got a clue what I was doing. Bought lots of lovejy stuff to make cards and met nice local people
 I also learned that I can't stay in one position for more than 3 hours because of my asthma, I get pains in my legs as I'm not circulating enough oxygen around my body by using my leg muscles. This could cause a problems at the cinema, theatre or lectures or for that matter on a long haul flight.
  The opticians phoned me to say my new prescription contact lenses are ready to pick up. So I'm into the city centre tom Yrrow to pick them up. Yipee!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Chemo nearly over

Had my 5th and last but one chemo yesterday and am back on the chocolate and the booze!
Sadly my best friend Mo who had breast cancer the first time the year before me has it again. I just hope she hasn't got secondaries like me. Luckily she isn't BRCA positive.
I took my beconase inhaler back to the chemist's today as it's been playing up but it was working ok when I got there. The lady behind the counter said her mum has the same trouble with her's and she has to use it in different positions, the inhaler that is!
I now have my new prescription contact lens and my vision in that eye is so sharp I cam't see so well out of the other.So I saw my dishy Canadian optician today abd he reckons the eye I can't see out too well the contact lens is too strong so he's ordering me a new prescription for that eye.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

New doctor's practice

I am so pleased I changed to a new doctor's practice. My new doc gave me a stronger inhaler which my old doc's refused to give me and the pain in my legs I was getting daily due to lack of oxygen has completely gone and I've got my breath back. I feel like my old self again.