Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Maternal grandfather's poem

Here is the poem my maternal grandfather used to say recite to my mum when she was little and my mum used to recite to me when I was little.

Wora lovely night
Wora lotta stars
Wora lotta bars
Icame to court yow
Dain't yow know?
I told yowr mother
Dain't she tell yow
I's agreable
She's agreable
Aint yow eh?
I assume my maternal grandad worked in the Black country. Sadly I never met him as he died about the time I was born but my mum said she'd taken me to see her parents when I was a baby and my memory's not quite that good!
My grandad was a decorative hand glass cutter of table ware and I have a beautiful y decorated vase of his and there is also a beautifully decorated wine glass that is sasdly chipped.
My older cousin had met him and I ask her about him.

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