Saturday, 9 January 2010

Hi. I can't believe how long it is since I last updated this. Did I tell you all my brother got his results back and he carries the same BRCA 2 mutation as me and has already started his prostate screening. They told him he would just be having a consultation but when he got there the doc offered to do the in Greg's words "fingers up the jacksey test"! He said no thanks. So he just had the blood test.  He had it done at the QE but the doc wants him to go to another hospital for his subsequent appointments and says he'll put his fingers up his jacksey then! Which he is non too pleased about. He took his result badly but as most of us do he's getting a bit more used to it now.As I said to him his risk is not as high as mine is for breast cancer. He is also at higher risk of male breast cancer than normal men so he has been told to keep an eye out for that too.

Christmas has been and gone. It was quiet for us with just the two of us and Greg but that's how we wanted it.

New year was also quiet except for constantly messaging my wonderful BRCA sisters who have been a great find for me and wouldn't be without them. I love them all and I'm so pleased they invited me into their sisterhood.

On New Years eve our local pub where we usually go for a couple of drinks every Saturday shut at 2100 as it did on Christmas Eve and as it does each year. Think of the money they're loosing!

At work they have made me change my Fridays off cos most of the patients have Friday's off and want to come in then. The bosses said I had to have Friday off one week and Wednesday off the next! I told them Wednesday is no good to me in the middle of the week and suggested I had Friday off the one week and Monday off the next which means I get a 4 day weekend every other week. They agreed on that. They now owe me 3 days leave in lieu as Christmas day and New years day fell on my days off and I have to go in on one of my days off this month as we are having some training in the morning which I don't want to miss as I need more CPD hours.