Wednesday, 18 May 2011


This morning I put my eyelashes on and got in a right mess again. My good friend Claire said yesterday that she she tried them once and got in a right mess. I put them on today because we're going out with Donna a good friend who Gray works with and is also being made redundant. I'm looking forward to seeing her..
 Gray is in the garden he has decided to move the greenhouse to a sunnier place I am worried    
 he is going to do some damage to himself after his quadruple bypass.
 Our best friend Mo is having surgery for her breast cancer today and I'm going to make a get well card for her.  I made a birthday card for Debbie our next door neighbour which I took round yesterday.
  I received the magazine of the Dental Hygienist's Association the other day which means I can do another hour of CPD which I've done. I went on the website to put it on but it wouldn't let me log in, I needed my membership number and I hadn't got a clue. But I had a good clear out this morning and chucked out a load of old clothes that don't fit any more ready to put into the charity bags that come through the door and found my old big purse which had my membership card and it still wouldn't let me log in so I phoned them but he couldn't sort it out straight away as their computer was going slow so I will try again later.
 I had a letter from my cousin Wyn saying that my cousins have been trying to finf me on facebook but didn't know what my facebook name was so I am going to write her a letter when I've finished this.

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