Monday, 16 May 2011

Work Mates

Had a lovely day today, went in to work to see all my work mates who I've missed so much in the last 6 months while I've been off sick.They were all so welcoming and all gave me a hug.I saw one of the patients in the corridor and he said hello to me. I said to Gray see all the patients know me.
 Gray still hasn't had a letter confirming his redundancy.
 My brother Greg was supposed to be going to Aquarius today but he was having a delivery so he is going to make another appointment.
 We went to the Urban Pie for a meal in tows on the way home and then did some shopping and I bought some more eyelashes as spare.
   When I woke up this morning one of my eyelashes was half off and when I got home one of them was coming off. What a pain.

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