Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Had my oncologist appointment today after my chemo. It was very positive. Aparntley I had mets in my liver which he apologised he hadn't told me before but they've much improved. Also the rest are now stabled so very good news.
 My best met Mo also had good news thank God as we were very worried that she also may have secondaries.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Normal day really

Went to Solihull hospital with Gray for his heart rehabilitation exercise class and was  bored stiff watching as there wasn't any other wives to talk to so I said I'd look round the shops on Thursday when he goes again.
 I have been having to wear a mask in the bathroom because of my mould spore allergy so we renewed the bath sealant yesterday. Don't know yet whether it's helped my allergy as I haven't had the courage not to wear the mask yet.
 My eczema's playing up again so I got some steroid cream for it and we enjoyed a meal at Wagamamas.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hair growing back

We went to Solihull hospital today for Gray's heart rehabilitation exercise class and I had a lovely chat with one of the wives. We then went shopping in Solihull and bought a couple of bottles of sparkling red wine to celebrate our wedding anniversary tomorrow. before going to our local pub for a couple of drinks and then a balti.
  Anyway I must go and wrap up Grays pressies

Friday, 17 June 2011


Iam now confused as I have had the result of mum's BRCA test. My mum died in 1995 from ovarian cancer and they managed to get a sample from her tumour and get the DNA out of it and test it and it came back with the same BRCA2 mutation as mine. However all the BRCA 2 diseases are on my dad's side. I've been doing the family history and have got back to the 1700's and found no BRCA diseases on mum's side.
 I have also found another cousin many times removed who has all my paternal grandmother's family in her tree and she has had breast cancer and is BRCA. She is friend on facebook so I've e-mailed her but she hasn't got back to me yet.
 The other day I spoke to my cousin'd daughter who lives in Essex and I haven't seen or spoke to before and we got on like a house on fire she was so like me.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Friends back

Mo and Pete came round today,they've been on holiday to Sorrento and we haven't seen them foir about 3 weeks We've missed them We're going out with them on Thursday
 The weather today is abonimable continuous heavy rain We were going to to Blakesley Hall today if it wasn't for the weather
 I'm in the process of making an engagement card for my friend Kelly a work.

Friday, 10 June 2011

CT scan

Hi I had a ct scan at the hospital today and have an appointment with my oncologist in 3 months to get the results.
 Also I picked up my new inhaler today.On the prescription it says to take one puff twice a day when it should be two a day. I've been taking three puffs but I took two puffs yesterday morning to try and eek it out but I had trouble breathing that day and slight tingling in my legs all day.I took three puffs that evening and the next morning and had no trouble at all today so I will go back to three again.
 On the way to the doctors I turned my emf reader on, turned the corner and crossed the road And as soon as I did the emf reader went off and didn't stop until I was half way up the road so it seems like the road was built on top of an ancient burial site. It alsi went off as as I walked past the graves at St Giles again.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New inhaler prescription

I noticed this morning my inhaler is running low and I didn't want to get into a mess as I did last time when it ran out completely so I took a repeat prescription into the docs. as I'm into ghost programmes I bought an evp reader or ghost meter from Amazon. My docs surgery is next door to a very old church which goes back to the English civil war which has a churchyard with graves in. As I walked past I turned the evp reader on and it went mad so there's lot's of ghosts in there.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Another 3 months off work.

Because I work in dentistry my work has been instructed ny the PCT to check with my oncologist if I'm fit to go back to work. Now I've finished my chemo I've really been looking forward to going back to work as
I've really missed it and the people as I love my job.
 I spoke to my manager and friend Helen today and she'd had a letter from him saying he was very pleased with my progress and I was doing really well but doesn't want me to go back to work for another . months when he wants to review me. I am very upset with that.
 On Friday I will be having a ct scan to see how well the chemo has worked. At least by 3 months my hair will have grown back and I can spend the Summer with Gray as he's been laid off.
 As I'm doing the family history for years I've found a cousin on my dad's side. She's got all my paternal grandmother's family in her tree. She's also a friend on facebook so I've messaged her. It will be very helpful because my genetic counsillor and myself have been trying to get in touch with my dad's side for a long time as we lost touch with them years ago.I wrote to one cousin and she totally ignoredme. The main reason I wanted to be genetically tested was to save my cousins lives.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

New land phone

Today Gray managed to get water into our land phone and it gave up the ghost. So we had to go into Solihull to buy a new one.
 As Gray snores I always used to listen to my heavy metal on my i-pod to drown the noise but it is now lost so he bought me a new one today from the Apple store. However when I plugged it into the laptop to download i-tunes it wouldn't accept my password . itried the only 2 passwords I've ever used on any site over many years but it wouldn't accept them so I cliked on forgotted password but had no e-mail off them. So I tried regestering on it again but it said I was already registered.
 Also I skyped my friend in Portsmouth and she is doing well. Saw and spoke to her son for the first time too. He's at uni in Plymouth which is where my friend comes from and I lived for 6 years.