Monday, 23 May 2011

new presctiption

, I made the card in tohe other day my clenil inhaler ran out totally. Luckily I still had my old 30 mcg one the old docs gave me so I had to take 11 puffs of tyat as equivalant of a couple of the 200 mcg one.
 It's my Mum's 81st birthday today so I made her a Birthday card to put on her grave today but it was  too late after coming back from the pharmacists and it was windy and raining. So we will go tomorrow instead. I made the card into a belated one. My mum died in 1995 from ovarian cancer.
  Last night I had a nightmare like I haven't had  since I was very young. I dreamed Gray and I went on holiday and Gray met a girl called Claire and was having an affair witth her. I woke up in tears it seemed so real and Geay hugged me and put my mind at rest. Iknow he wouldn't do such a thing and I trust him implicently.

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