Thursday, 5 May 2011

Chemo nearly over

Had my 5th and last but one chemo yesterday and am back on the chocolate and the booze!
Sadly my best friend Mo who had breast cancer the first time the year before me has it again. I just hope she hasn't got secondaries like me. Luckily she isn't BRCA positive.
I took my beconase inhaler back to the chemist's today as it's been playing up but it was working ok when I got there. The lady behind the counter said her mum has the same trouble with her's and she has to use it in different positions, the inhaler that is!
I now have my new prescription contact lens and my vision in that eye is so sharp I cam't see so well out of the other.So I saw my dishy Canadian optician today abd he reckons the eye I can't see out too well the contact lens is too strong so he's ordering me a new prescription for that eye.

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