Friday, 29 April 2011

New prescrition

Had an appointment with my new doc today and yipee he gave me a stronger inhaler. Took the prescription to the chemists but they had run out of it so I will have to wait until tomorrow when I can go to Hingley's my favourite chemist which is a local firm and I'm always happy to promote Brummie firms. They were shut today because it's a bank holiday for the royal wedding of Harry sand Kate. I'm not in the slightest bit interested and I'm not a royalist. Up the revolution I say! There seems to be a lot of people not interested I've been talking to round here. I'm a proper chatterbox and talk to anyone I get a chance. It runs in the family, My mum was the same and all my cousins on her side are the same.
 Tomorrow I was supposed to be meeting up with 3 old work mates but there is a local football game there could be trouble at so we've cancelled it and are meeting next week instead.
 I've been trying to ween myself down with my steroid inhaler and took half the dose today and am sxuffering leg pain for it I am at the moment connected to the oxygen.
 Tomorrow I pick up my new contact lenses. I can't wait. Some years ago my optician gave me monovision lenses so that I could read without reading glasses. In other words one lens was stronger than the other. I left my lenses out while I wasn't well and wore my specs. I put them in again for 2 weeks and since I've had them out I've had double vision while my eyes try to readjust. I told my optician I didn't want them anymore and I wanted another prescription. He said that I would need to wear reading glasses. I said I would rather do that.

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