Thursday, 21 April 2011

Most haunted

I'm getting the pain in my legs all day now and having to turn the oxygen right up to get rid of it. I was prescribed 2 litres but I'm having to use 8 now. that means my asthma is getting worse and worse and I can' believe the docs have left me like this I think they should be struck off. I was finding it very difficult to breath last night and Gray was very worried about me. I have an appointment with Diane the practice nurse at 12.0
 I'll let you all know how I get on. She will give me a stronger becotide inhaler I'm only on the minimum dose at the moment. Straight after my appointment I will be going to another local practice who have got an asthma clinic to ask if they will accept me.
   My favourite programme on telly is Most Haunted. I actually saw a ghost myself when I lived in Plymouth, Devon. I lived in Plymouth for 6 years, I loved the place and cried when I left it. I lived in a 2 roomed flat in a very old house that was built in the 19th century. One weekend my brother came to stay for the weekend and slept on top of my bed in a sleeping bag as I only had the one bed. I was woken in the night by  the feeling of someone coming in to the room and saw a black human shape float through the door and come to the end of the bed and bend over as if to see who was in the bed. I woke my brother to ask if he was getting up for the loo and he said no I'm here I shouted well what's that then. My brother saw it too. I then screamed and it disappeared.
My best friend Jane was very religious and called the vicar to see me. He asked where I'd seen it and he looked in the exact place I'd seen it float through the door. I went to the library to see who the original owner was and he was a chimney sweep! Some people suggested I see a psychiatrist! So I'm a believer. Not like Gray who is a sceptic.

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