Friday, 8 April 2011

wheeze wheee all night

I've been wheezing slightly all night and now I have that rotten pain in my legs again ouch stupid GP. I will be phoning the docs at 8.30 to ask for an urgent prescription. It's 5 am. As soon as I get home I will go to bed to get some sleep. I had to sleep on the sofa last night after a sleepless night thanks to that stupid doc.  I've decided to make a formal complaint about her.
 I have an allergy to dust mites and I always get a reaction when I get out of bed and that's when I had my asthma attack. I just couldn't risk sleeping in bed.

  I ought to change the title of my blog to Els life with breast cancer now I' ve got secondary breast cancer.
I was going to give up work cos I thought I'd only got about  monts to live but Iknow of people like me who've lasted 10 years. I'm now looking forward to going back to work as I really enjoyed my job.

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