Wednesday, 20 April 2011

bloody asthma and bloody orange.

Itopped my mobile phone up by £20 2 days ago' tried to phone Mo and Pete and it said I had no credit. I phoned Orange and they said I'd used it all up on the internet' I pointed out that their internet had been down for 2 days and I also pointed out that there was no way I'd spent£20 on the internet in 2 days. Long silence.
 My asthma has been getting worse and worse and I have had to increase the rate of the oxygen. I have had to wait a week for an an appointment at the docs and none of the docs have a peak flow meter. I have had to buy my own and I should have been given a prescription for one and it was expensive-£11. I need a stronger inhaler and I have to get that from the nurse and she works part time. Our very nice next door neighbours also has asthma and she goes to a nearby practice that has an asthma clinic so I'm going up there tomorrow after my appointment to see if they will take me on.
  The weather is lovely sunny and warm today and we are supposed to have a heat wave

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