Saturday, 16 April 2011

Feeling a bit better.

Now I have been using my becotide a bit longer it's working better. I bought a book on asthma written by the BMA  and it said it in there but I'm still getting out of breath at the littlest thing. I'm hoping Diane the practice nurse will be able to sort that out for me on Thursday as she is better trained in asthma treatment than the docs.
 I managed to get an appointment for my eye test today for the 30th April. I normally wear contact lenses but I left them out for a while when I wasn't well and then put them in for two weeks. My lenses were what's called monovision which means one lens is stronger than the other so I can read without reading glasses. Since I took them I've had double vision while my eyes try and readjust. I've had it before but couldn't understand why.

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