Friday, 22 April 2011

nurses appointment

After waiting for a week for a nurses appointment to get my asthma  diagnosed and get a stronger inhaler to help  me loosing oxygen in my body she said she hadn't got time for anything but she did suggest I should take 2 puffs of becotide instead of 1 and I'd have to wait another week.another week of being woken at 0600 by pain for another appointment, no thank you. I went to another nearby practice that has an asthma clinic but they wouldn't accept me without Gray joining aswell which he refused cos he didn't think they would accept him with his heart problems. They suggested another practice down the road by the old church and that I should go to the walk in centre at Solihull which I did and saw a very nice nurse but she wouldn't give me a prescription for an inhaler cos she didn't have any notes for me and said my GP should give me the prescription and that I should give them a kick in the backside or move to another practice. She asked what my inhaler's strength was and I said 50 and she said but that's the pediatric dose! I took 3 puffs of my inhaler this evening but still got the pain in my ankles so I will take 4 puffs tomorrow.So it's 0119 and I'm sitting in front of the computer with what little oxygen I have left, one tank is empty and the other nearly and it's Easter bank holiday this weekend so wont be able to get anymore for about 6 days.

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