Thursday, 14 April 2011

Out of breath

I'm getting out of breath with every little thing I do due to my asthma and my peak flow is down. I wake up every day with pain in my ankles although it's a little better than it was as we now sleep with the window wide open so I can get more oxygen and it's freezing. I get woken up at 0630 am every day and have to go down and open the patio doors for more oxygen and freeze ! One of the GP's at our practice has ordered me some oxygen so I won't have to do this anymore. It should arrive next week I can't wait.
I had an apology letter from the crap Dr. today. and I've booked an appointment with the practice nurse Diane for next Thursday as she is very good at treating asthma patients. I've been recording my peak flow on a flow meter and graph paper so I can show Diane next week.
I bought a new mobile phone today for a reasonable price but I'm finding it difficult to get my head around it. I tried transferring all my numbers by bluetooth from my old phone but it wouldn't work so I'm having to do it one by one. What a pain.
We had a lovely couple of warm sunny days last weekend and I got all my t-shirts out and ironed but it went really cold again yesterday so I've had to iron all my jumpers again.
Michaels the offie has run out of apple and rasberry J2o's so I'm very dissapointed as I'm addicted to them after my cousin Pat introduced them to me the other week I didn't know they did apple and rasberry. I love rasberry.

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