Thursday, 28 October 2010


What a great Birthday I had yesterday! The night before I said to Gray it just doesn't feel like it's my birthday tomorrow as We've gotta spend it at the hospital. But he made up for it with a beautiful birthday balloon he tied to the bottom of the bed and he showered me with presents first thing in the morning bless him. And a big gooey chocoltae birthdy cake!

The hospital appointment included a screaming head mri. The noise was horrrendous I thought it was going to gtake off at one point1 They offered me piped music so I aked what and they said Heart fm which is a local soft rock radio station. "not my type of music, have you got planet rock?!" "No they say and give me a pair of useless faom earplugs!  As it was my birhthday they gave us a couple of pieces of cakes. The staff were very pleasant.

Aterwards we saw the oncologist and for once we got in very quickly. He showed us the digital mri on the computer and basically we are non the wiser. He is going to refer me to a neuro surgeon at th QE. He says he really doesn't know whether I'll need surgery or not but he wants to get that sorted first. The thought of brain surgey scares me more that the cancer and that's a face. My friend Helen's Husband Bill had brain surgery a few years ago and they are coming round this afternoon so he can speak to me.
Ialso aksked him about parp inhibitors and he going to consider them for me for later but I will have to go th London or Manchester for it. I would prefer Manchester and we have some family up there. I also asked him if the bone mets could be treated and he said yes after we get you head sorted. That really please me as I didn't think they could.
Mycousin Pat and Gordon were going to pick us up from the hospital to take us for a birtday meal but as we got out early we went home first so we could get a few things done and the Pat and Gordon picked us up from home. Had a lovely meal but as usual I got tired afterwards so we didn't stay out too late..
Will probaly have a rest on the sofa a bit later today to prepare for our visitors.

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