Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday 29 th October 2010

What a lovely evening last night. 4 of my work mates came round Shobhna, Levi Leah and young Emma. They really cheered me up ant they brought some birthday presents and cards round.

Today my brother and sister in law Paul and Corrinna arriving this afternoon with our niece Rae and her boyfriend Robbbie. We are taking them for an Italian meal at their favourite Italian restaurant. They have said they like it so much they would consider travelling up from Leigh-On Sea to eat there! They usually stay with us but they didn't want to put on us with me not well so they are staying in a a hotel at the NEC instead. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.

Tere's a funny little story about Robbie!

Years ago we had a police dog trainer handler living next to us and the first dog he had was a lovely docile labrador and his name was Robbie. He had to give Robbie away to a neighbour unfortunately because he was so docile. He omitted to tell us h'd got anew dog and the shared fence was down. We go out to put washing on the line and practically got attacked by a new dog!
When Paul and Corrinna, Rae and Robbie came to see me in hospital I said "ooh Robbie the dog!" He hasn't lived that down yet! So that should be fun.

I've decided to carry on celebrating my birthday over the weekend as it was a bit of a damper on Wednesday having hospital appointments. Gray is hoping to take me in to Sollihull by taxi as a long bus journey my oncologist thought would be a bit iffy just yet

Anyway I have some steroids to take and it's still very early so I will try and get a bit of a nap before the visitors arrive.


  1. So glad you're blogging about everything, it's nice to see what you're up to over there! :)


  2. Thanks Teri.
    I have plenty of time to write my blog up more or less daily now !