Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bored stifff on my own agan..

Gray's gone shopping but he's back now thank goodness. Been so bored I've been watching QVC! And dozing on the sofa again.

I had my appointment come through for the MRI scan with a questioaire which included to cut a long story short had I got any metal in my mouth. Well yes I have on my bridge. So I have phoned a friend at work to ask my dentist about it. Thaen i will have to phone the hospital about it.

Had a lovley visit from 3 friends and a boss from work last night bearing gifts and cards for my birthday for next week. We had alittlw wine but the acid got to my stomach. It was wonderful to see my friends but I wsa very tired afterwards.

When Gray got home from shopping today he took me for a walk around the corner and back.

Wea re a bit pissed off this afternoon as we can't watch Tigers play on Sky sports anymore. They're trying to get us to pay extra to see it and we just can't afford it and of course we can't get to Lecester to watch for a while because of me. We were talking of going for a meal at our local Italian restaurant tonight but Gray thinks I'm too tired.

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