Tuesday, 26 October 2010

misreable weather toda.

Last night was a big victory. Gray walked me to a local restaurant for a meal and back. I don't get out much so it was really enjoyable though I did feel tired afterwards. I tend to get tired easily these days.

My contact lenses  arrived in the post yesterday but only 2 weeks worth. Which means I wil have to phone them yet again for more when they're supposed to be posting them every month as I pay a lot of money on direct debit.

The postman also came this morning bearing cards and packages for my birthday tomorrow. And my birthday will be spent at the hosptal in an mri scanner and the oncologists waiting room. My cousin and Pat and her husband Gordon are picking us up afterwards to take us for a birtday meal and I'm really looking forward to that. We really get on well with Pat and Gordon.

So today a rest day. Thursday my friend Helen is coming round with her husband Bill who had some brain surgery a few years ago and wants to talk with me.

On Friday Grays brother  and his wife Paul and Corrina are coming to see us and we are taking them out for a meal. They usually stay with us but they are staying at a hotel at the NEC so as not to put on us while I'm not well. They didn't want to stress us up I guess. They breed canaries and had offered us a couple but we had second thoughts in case I had to have more surgery in case of risk of infection. But they would have been lovely company and they sing so beautifully.

I've been watching a programme on gene therapy. Now why couldn't they have done that for us BRCA ladies to save our lives.


  1. That was a big accomplishment! I'm glad you had a nice dinner. I wish I could fly out to the UK to visit you! Know that I think of you DAILY! Love you!

  2. Thanks Teri. Loving you across the pond. xxxxxxxxxxxxx