Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ct scan

Went to City hospital again today for a Ct scan. Was quite nervous about it as to what tyhey might fid. The staff were very nice and reassuring with a good sense of humour. I had to be injected with a die so anther great bruise on my poor right arm! They asked me if I bruised easily? " no" i said. " only when i have injections!" 2Was I on blood thinners? 2 no said I!

When we got home I was shatteredand slept until 19.30, waking up thinking it was the next day1 slept with my contact lenses in and my make up on. How disgusting! Friends from work phoned to see how I was and it seems wer're having a party Friday evening.Even one of my bosses is comimg round. He was even trying to get me back to work. 2no way I said and I spoke to my friend and manageress and she said nt to worry. I actually had an agency phone me the other week to do some work! A very definate NO!!

At City Hospital again tomorrow to see my wonderful oncologist for the scan results. Quite worrying but our friends Mo and Pete  are taking us out afterwards which gives us something to look forward to

I add I am staying hugely positive about all this still. I don't really believe it still I am a great believer in positive thinking. My Dad brought me up with that.

At the hospital they asked me if I had any allergies: plasters, pollen, dust mould spores " they run in the family "I said and some nasty things like  breast cancer and the brca 2 gene. They seemed quite interested.

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