Friday, 22 October 2010

The boredom is getting to me!

A day on my own as Gray hsa gone back to work. I'm tryin to strengthen my thigh muscles up and hey're aching now!

Been watching Sky telly. absolutely nothing worth watching. I think I'll hit the videos!

My brother came round to keep me company yesterday which was nice. Today I have several friends coming round this afternon which will be nice. I tend to get tired easily so I may go for a nap this afternoon.

thae opticians sent me another latter yesterday saying I need to go in for an eye test for my glasses to get my contact lenses. I phoned them again after about 4 times previously and told them I couldn't get in and had run out of contacts and couldn't seee. She apologised and I said Gray would go in and pick them up on the way home. They ha said a week ago they had posted them but they hadn't turned up.

So they gave me 1 pair. Totally wrrong prescription. One too stron, one too weak. we'll have to see!!!
 They said they posted them 2nd class 1 Gray pointed out our 2nd class post takes 2 weeks. I'd rather have paid the fiirst class postage myself. I wouldn't mind so much but I pay direct debit for them and they're about double the cost of my old ones . I'll have afigh getting them in before my friends arrive and hop I dont't loose one as I have only 1 pair.

Anyway to the viseos!!!

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