Sunday, 10 October 2010

Been ill

Sorry haven't written for a while but I've been seriously ill in hospital.
My husband and I went down south to Dorset for a couple of  weeks holiday.
THe day before we'd gone out with our best mates Pete and Mo and I managed to slip in the toilets and couldn't get back up again. Mo helped me out. It was like my legs went like jelly. The three of them took me to A& E AT THE LOCAL Heartlands hospiital much as I hae that place as my Dad died there in 2007. They checked me over andthey pointedoutmy bruising and that was that.
When we got to Poole in Dorset we went for a snack meal. Baked spud andbeans and I instantly spewed it up. After a short nap in the hotel my hubby thought I llooked a bit more wierd than normal so he called an ambulance and they took me to Poole  where they saved my life. I'd had a brain haemmorhage. A ct scan was taken  and they put me on iv steroids to bring the swelling in my brain down. I couldn't talk so clearly, my balance was shot and so had some of my memory. They had practically written me off that night. Gray says  I was on a moniter and hespoke to me and it went right up. I was unconcious apparantly. They rekon THR BREAST CANCER HAS SPREDA TO MY BRAIN aaaaaaaaaarggghhhh!!!!!1111 I'm scared stiff now. I will be seeingmy oncol

Thya were gobsmacked I was still alaive the next morning and gradually they kept saying it was amazing the improvenent in my balance and walking and such.My wonderful cousin and cousin in law Pat and Gordon drove all the way down from Birmingham to Poole and drove us back to Birmingham. I had a lovely afternoon yesterday. My work friends came to visit bearing huge gifts Helen cooked some lovely shottrbread and  a wonderful lemon drizzle cake. They said they'd come ropund again this afternoon but no sign yet. And one of my bosses Shobhna may come too and perhaps another  couple of fiends.
I'm having serios problems with the steroids as they are ver acid on my stomach so I've been slugging gavison but I find vanilla ice cream is the most soothing and my appetite has gone right up. They say that's  the steroids too. I Cn't tzke the tablets they wanted to give me or that as they have gelatine in and I'm vegetarian.


  1. Oh, honey, so sorry to hear this! I've been peeking at your blog since my BC diagnosis a few weeks ago and I feel like I've been getting to know you a bit. I hope your Drs can figure out a way to help you. In the mean time, I'm sending you a cyber {{{{hug}}}}. Hang in there!

  2. Wow, I'm glad you made it through all that. I hope they are wrong about brain mets. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.