Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday 24th October 2010.

Lovely sunny morning to lift the spirits today.
We had a couple of visitors  who cheered us up this afternoon and Mo and Pete brought us round a lovely big pumpkin which would look proud on Halloween! a recipie for agorgeous pumpkin soup they had made for us a few weeks ago at their house with moussaka.

Gray goes back to work full time from tomorrow so it's 06.30 rise. He then makes me breakfast bless him so I can take my steroids and organises everything for the day for me. I  just couldn't quite manage without him totally but I don't do too bad.

I'm feeling a bit fed up as I've lost my mini reading light I use to get up in the dark night to go to the loo so I don't trip on anything I just hope we can replace it.

Anyway off to bed now. Night night all.

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