Monday, 1 November 2010

The Tatters Man!

Today I managed to get an hour's lie in after Gray went to work. The tatters man woke me up earleir than I wanted to! It's unusual him coming round during the week while people are at work but it's dustbin collection day tomorrow morning. Perhaps that had something to do with it.
Last night Gray tried to show me how to make a rug! I'd never in my life made one before but had and made it look very easy but not for me and he is going to have to try and teach me again.
Wore myself out during the day stating knitting a jumper for Gray. Quite a complicated pattern. Watched a couple of DVD's and then had a doze on the sofa before tidying up before Gray got home. Also had a chat on the macmillan cancer support chat site with a few of them which I used to do a lot the first time I had breast cancer and it really cheers me up.

Had my shower and hair wash which to start with I needed Gray's help but not any more. I just love my independence and I'm feeling great now and trying to enjoy life as much as possible. Hoping to go for a Balti tomorrow to one of my favourite Balti houses " Spicewoods" for wonderful food and to see our friends that work there who we haven't seen for about 6 -8 weeks. They will be wondering where we have been. We will get a taxi there as Gray thinks it's a bit far tot far for me to walk at the moment. We are not sure exactly yet how far I should walk. We will ask the oncologist next time although I feel like I need the exrecise as I'm putting on weight with the steroids and they are making my face go puffy and I just hate that. As you can see I haven't put any recent photos of myself on here yet as I'm a bit ashamed!

Anyway, a lovely veggie roast meal awaits which I'm really looking forward to!

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