Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Frustrating Day!

The morning started well with a couple of rested hours lie in then DISASTER!
While putting my left contact lens in it decided to fall out goodness knows where. In spite of lining everything including the s ink with white tissues  so I can see the blue tinted lenses when they're dropped. So I had a few old disposable daily ones which are to a higher  power and now I have to wear reading glasses all the time for any close work like this.I pay a monthly direct debit for my lenses and  am supposed to receive them by post every couple of months but haven't for a while . I was only given 2 weeks of lenses and I have only a weeks worth left. So I phoned the opticians and the recepitionist insisted I had lost 6 weeks worth which is absolutely ridiculous but I couldn't be bothered to argue with her. You're not due your next delivery 'till December she said. You're joking I said. Could I pay extra for some more for now as I was desperate. So I had to pay about £70.00 extra on top of the direct debit while I'm on sick pay. What a rip off!

Thaen  my reading light got lost again, the one I use in the night if I need a pee so as not to wake Gray up. So I went on Amazon .co.uk and ordered another 3. Made a right pig's ear of that! Ordered them on my name on my card and then it came on Gray's card. Luckily my Brother was here to help me sort it but it was very frustrating.
My cousin Pat phoned today and she always helps to cheer me up.

I'm just waiting for my brother to go home so I can get ready for Gray getting home as we are going for a balti for the first time in about 8 weeks and I'm really looking forward to it and seeing our friends that work there.

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