Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Sunny Sunday

I am finding I'm sleeping better now my evening steroid has been halved. I was having disturbed night's for a while constantly waking up and using my reading light to look at my watch! But now I feel more rested. Gray saw our next door neighbour today who joked that she was disgusted by me going down to the porch one morning in my pj's to pick up the post! I said to Gray she does know I'm off sick doesn't she? And he said of course.

Gray's old boss died last week and he is going to Berkeswell. for the funeral tomorrow.. Also one of our neighbours died last week and she was in her 4'0's. avaer sad. we have been invited to the funeral and I have nothing to wear and can't afford anyting and Gray is stressing he hasn't even got a black tie for tomorrow. All I've got is a pair of jeans and a a black T-shirt to wear!

Walked  to the chemists with Gray today to the pharmacy with a new prescription and to do a a little shopping before the walk home.
It's been a lovely sunny day today but it is getting very cold now it's after 16.00  and starting to get  dark.

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