Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Day out Shopping.

Went out early this morning to go shopping to buy new sofas. Very happy with them. They will be delivered in January. Being vegetarian they are made of faux suede. Just the sort of thing I have been looking forward to for a  few years or more. Very happy we have found them.

Also did a a big shop in Boots for toiletries which willl last for months. spent over 80 quid! And managed to buy a new mobile phone very similar to the one I lost a couple of months ago on special offer from Carphone warehouse which I'm very happy with but am finding it hard work to work out how to use and yes of course I've lost the instructions! It will keep me occupied  during the day!

Yesterday was am amazing day. My oncologist phone to say the neuro surgeon didn't even want see me . And he is putting me on Parp inhibitors. I will have to go to Cambridge for that as They are doing BRCA 2 down there which makes sense as it was found down there by Professor Mike Stratton. I can't remember smiling for so long in one day. I am to see my oncologist at 14.30 on Wednesday about it. I awas actually in taers of happiness as well!


  1. New couches are always fun!

    And yeah for the Parp! I'm very happy to hear about that. So glad to hear you are feeling happy and optimistic! Great news!