Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Good Morning!

It's very early - 0730 and have just seen Gray off for work. I have had a lovely veggie bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast made by my wonderful husband ready for when I take my steroids. There is a routine in the morning. I always seem to wake up first and Then Gray at 06.30. I take my Thyroxine which has to be taken 30 minutes before food and then breakfast.

Last night Gray managed to find my lost contact lens on the bathroom floor. I cleaned it and soaked it overnight and it's absolutely fine for another week when I'm due to change to  change them  for a new pair.

When I started on the steroid tablets they gave me a very acid stomach and I couldn't eat anything but eggs and cheese which I haven't touched for years as I used to be vegan but now vegetarian again. Everything I ate felt like battery acid. Then when I saw my oncologist I mentioned it to him and he suggested some tablets but they had gelatine in so he gave me a prescription for Ranitidine - 2. 5ml spoons twice a a day and it worked wonders and lo and behold I could enjoy food again. The prescription has now run out and our GP has given us another but they are tablets. The pharmacist ensured us there was no gelatine in and I checked the ingredients label. I am due to take the first one this morning and have decided to dissolve it in water. I just hope it's as effective. They say take 2 a day 12 hourly. 30 minutes before taking the steroids. Well I'm supposed to take my steroids at breakfast and lunch but that won't work now. It will be morning and evening meal  My oncologist had suggested at lunch time so as not to keep me awake at night.We shall have to see if it works. When we get my next prescription we will put a little note in for the GP asking for the syrup instead. I was not in a good mood when I realised what she'd done. It was written by one of the doctors I'd never seen before so she doesn't know me. I'd rather one of my two usual doctors had done it.

I was woken in the night by torrential rain on the windows!

The knitting is now going strong and Gray's  jumper is on the way

Last night we got a taxi to one of our favourite balti houses. We hadn't been there for about 6-8 weeks and we know the staff there so it was lovely to see them again.But I chose too mild a dish which  didn't have much flavour but it was still enjoyable to get out.

My brother came round for a couple of hours to see me yesterday afternoon and brought a couple of DVD's his friend Dave lent for me to watch.

Anyway I've got some tablets to try and dissolve!

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