Friday, 5 November 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I phoned my oncologists secretary Lynn this morning. A very nice lady to ask about this neuro surgeons appointment and she said she'd get back to me. I also phoned the GP's surgery and asked if I could swap the prescription they had given me for Ranitidine tablets for the liquid version and they said they would sort it for me and post it as we can't get there for a week and it takes 2 days for the prescription. I can't get there on my own and Gray can only get there on a Saturday morning as he is working.

My oncologist has just phoned and he says the neuro surgeon don't want to do anything. Wow!! And my wonderful oncologist is putting is putting me on Parp inhibitors bit I wil have to go for Cambridge  for it as they are doing BRCA1 in Birmingham and BRCA2 in Cambridge which makes a lot of sense to me a it was Proffssor Michael Stratton at the Welcome Trust there who found the BRCA 2 gene and I'm going to meet . I'm so exited and happy. I 'm absolutely extatic.

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