Saturday, 2 May 2009

Had a smashing evening last night celebrating Helen and Bill's wedding. Saw some old friends and had a thoroughly good time which did me the world of good.

Before we left for the wedding I phoned the genetics department as I hadn't heard from them. I had a chat with my consillor (must find out how to spell that!) and she made an appointment for Wednesday 13th.
Didn't mention it at the wedding as didn't want to spoil it for Helen. Mentioned it to Emma and Claire before we went in and Claire was a bit miffed because she'd booked an appointment for Dave to see me on that day and I haven't met him yet. I had confided in them eralier in the week.

Beginning to feel anger now, why me? Is ther no one else in the family about from myself and possibly Mum and Auntie Peggy? It's funny I haven't found anyone else and I've been doing the family history for about 5 years now. I will have to keep looking.

Will have to tell them at work on Tuesday or Wednesday as Monday is bank holiday.

Arranged to see my brother for a meal this afternoon and we told him as now it is official. I had been worried about telling him what his reaction was. I first asked him if he wanted to know and of course he did. He was very sad but kept his decorum in the pub. Said he was very worried about me and when he is invited for the test he will take it up. Also that I must tell Pat.

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