Thursday, 30 April 2009

In work yesterday. Only had a one day break between this time and was very tired today. Was supposed to be working tomorrow aswell but booked it off for Helen's wedding.

Emma texted me this morning to say there were some plants to pick up so I had to go into work to pick them up after taking a repeat prescription request into the GP'S.

Spent the evening getting ready for Helen's wedding and the overnight stay at the hotel.

My cousin Pat phoned this evening, I always enjoy a chat with her. I also phone my friend Mo for a chat. Both of which helped to cheer me up a bit.

Still no phone call from the hospital and it's been over a week now. Still feeling downhearted and angry the hospital seems to have left me to my own devices. Feel a bit isolated. Don't feel I can talk to my family and the rest of my friends until I have spoken to them.

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