Thursday, 14 May 2009

Went for my appointment with the Consultant Clinical Geneticist yesterday at 10.30. Had a long chat with her for about 1/1/2 hrS. She explained because I've already had breast cancer I am no longer 80% chance but 2% a year above the general population so 12%. She put my mind a little more calmer. She says she will write to DRr. Spooner the oncologist and Miss Hoar the surgeon to tell them about my BRCA status and arrange my yearly mammograms to take place at the breast unit at City hospital. She said I need not rush into prophylactic surgery, sugesting I might want to think about it next time I see Miss Hoar. She also said Miss Hoar may bring my appointment earlier because of BRCA 2.

Had our Sky box fitted today so we can watch the Heineken cup final in Edinburgh on the 23rd. Unable to go due to The Race For Life. Been promised over £200 now. Doing really well.

Looking forward to seeing Mo and Pete for a Chinese meal tonight. Usually see them on Fridays but it's my brother Greg's birthday tomorrow.

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  1. That bit about the 2% above the general population is a load of bollocks! I'm 80% in the one I've had it in and 40% in the other!