Tuesday, 12 May 2009

At work yesterday, told Helen and Owain about the BRCA thing. Big hug from Helen and a lot of sympatthy from both especially Owain. Got upset again and beginning to feel angry about it as it is getting embarrasing when you have patients to see. Have had to book tomorrow off as seeing the Consultant clinical geneticist so felt I had to tell the bosses.

My brain is in an absolute whirl. One side telling me to have surgery and the other saying no and the side saying no is winning!! I will probably loose my mind over this the way I'm going!

It was Helen's first day back at work after her honeymoon as Mrs. Sahota! They both very much enjoyed themselves for a week in Edinburgh. Well Helen is half jock!!

Gray took me for a balti to try to cheer me up.

Had a text on my mobile from the NHS to remind me about my appointment!

Can't wait to receive my BRCA Umbrella t-shirts. Also waiting for my great grandmother Lydia's death certificate. But of course being Tuesday we had no post delivered at all.

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