Thursday, 28 July 2011

Great time with friends.

Gray wanted to go in to work to empty his locker of a load of rubbish so off we went to the West Midland genetic lab at the Birmingham Women's hospital.  Afterwards we went to the proverbial pub in harbourne for a couple of drinks and then to zizzi's restaurant for a meal. I was not impressed by the choice or content of the veggie food. The starter I had to eat a couple of pieces of non descript pizza off a sharing plate which had squid on it and my pizza was absolutely tasteless it was like eating just bread. The Tiramiso was really sickly and too creamy but the company was awesome and I so enjoyed the evening.
   The evening was dedicated to those being made redundant and Gray and Paul's retirement. A speech was made for Paul and I was going to make a speech for Gray but he wouldn't let me.
   We asked them what they thought of going to my birthday party and it being a mutant party and they loved it. WE asked Paul if his band would play for us at the Barton Arms and he was very exited about it and said it was a great venue so I have that to look forward too. 

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