Monday, 25 July 2011

Family Tree

For many years I have wanted to do our family history and even though my mum bought me a book on it in the 1980's I still hadn't got a clue how to do it. Then came the internet and what a revelation and anyway I hadn't got time to do it as I was working full time in Plymouth.
 After moving back to Birmingham which is where I was brought up I broke my wrist in Leigh on sea Southend while visiting my brother and sister in law with Gray. I fell over a pavement stone that had been placed on top of the pavement and I was off sick for 7 weeks so I had the time and the internet was a revelation. I went to Solihull library and found I found that I could use ancestry for free on their computers. and we bought family tree softwear for our computer and I was well away. Gray thought I was
a bit weird but once I got going he wanted and started hid own. The only regret I had was that both my parents were dead. My genetic counsillor wants me to print it out for him.
  It would have been my Dad's 88th Birthday on 21st July so I made a birthday card for him and put it in the garden of remembrance.
 Yesterday I phoned my very old ex Naval friend and had a lovely chat with her and got the number of another old friend from her so I phoned her to and she was gobsmacked to hear from me.
 ataomorrow I'm seeing mu brother for the first time in ages for lunch. He is a recovering alcoholic.

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