Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday21st April

It's the day after my first full day at work for six months and I slept right though till 1100 and could have slept longer but I'd arranged to meet my brother for lunch.
I'm also working all day on Thursday. Was supposed to be working three days next week Monday, Wednesday and Friday but booked Friday off as going to a friend at works wedding near Kidderminster. But doing three days the week after.

Decided it may be a good idea to have a relaxing day at home doing the ironing tomorrow!

Work is much more tolerable with the help of a nurse and they are now booking me 20 miute appointments instead of the manic 15 I had before I got ill.

Had to buy a new mobile phone on Saturday as my favourite pink Sony Ericsson completetley conked out and I couldn't find the receipt or the insurance.
Of course I found the receipt with the insurance on Sunday!!!

Have tried to download a photo onto here from my new phone without success! Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Never had any problem with my old phone.

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