Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A visit to my genetic counsillor.

Met my genetic cousillor for the first time yesterday. My original one went to New Zealand. Iwas with him for 45 minutes and we had a long discussion. He told me the gene has definately come from my mum;s side which we're all surprised about as all the BRCA related diseases are on my dad's side.It just doesn't makr sense and 10 of my cousins on my mum's side have all tested negative. He also said I'd put a great weight on my shoulders looking for family to br tested. I have been doing the family history for 6 years. My mum's mum was born in Ireland and I haven't been able to trace that side as they have hardly any records on the net.I tried to get hold of her birth certificate but she hasn't got one as they didn't register births there at the time. We assume the gene is on her side and it's very frustrating. I managed to contact the local cathedral where she was born and the priest there found the baptismal certificate and now I at least know her family. It's not fair to ask them to look for more sop we're going to have to go there next year to the church and look ourselves.
  As we were at the Birmingham Women's hospital yesterday to see my counsillor as the genetic clinic is there we dropped in to Gray's lab to see all his mates. Sadly it will be the last time as he's been made redundant. I made him a retirement card which he was very happy with.
 Today we are off to Solihull hospital for the last but one of Gray's exercise classes.
  I went to my docs yesterday to pick up my prescription and I left my jacket in the toilet accidentally as it was very hot and steamy so Iwill have to go there and pick it up today.

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