Thursday, 11 August 2011

Totally fed up with voicemail

My mobile phone rings twice then goes through to voicemail b the time I get it out of my handbag which  means that I have to phone everyone back and it's getting very expensive and with me on long term sick and my husband redundant we can't afford. I have tried going through all the settings but csn't find any way of solving the problem so I took it back to thes hop I bought it from and neither could they. So I put the question on Yahoo and found out I need to change the settings on voicemail. Every time I phone voicemail on O2 it says I have to change my pin but whatever I put in it says it's the wrong pin even if I put my old one in so I can't access my voicemail at all. I phoned O2customer services on my mobile but the stupid computer wouldn't accept any of the numbers I was putting in so I phoned them on the house phone and the lovely man on the other end is trying his very best for me . Iam currently waiting for him to phone me back on the house phone.
  I'm absolutely fed up as the pub we were going to book my party in has been trashed by the rioters so we will have to think again. I spoke to Gray's work mate whose in the band whose playing for us and suggested another which he was very happy with.

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