Friday, 10 June 2011

CT scan

Hi I had a ct scan at the hospital today and have an appointment with my oncologist in 3 months to get the results.
 Also I picked up my new inhaler today.On the prescription it says to take one puff twice a day when it should be two a day. I've been taking three puffs but I took two puffs yesterday morning to try and eek it out but I had trouble breathing that day and slight tingling in my legs all day.I took three puffs that evening and the next morning and had no trouble at all today so I will go back to three again.
 On the way to the doctors I turned my emf reader on, turned the corner and crossed the road And as soon as I did the emf reader went off and didn't stop until I was half way up the road so it seems like the road was built on top of an ancient burial site. It alsi went off as as I walked past the graves at St Giles again.

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