Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Another 3 months off work.

Because I work in dentistry my work has been instructed ny the PCT to check with my oncologist if I'm fit to go back to work. Now I've finished my chemo I've really been looking forward to going back to work as
I've really missed it and the people as I love my job.
 I spoke to my manager and friend Helen today and she'd had a letter from him saying he was very pleased with my progress and I was doing really well but doesn't want me to go back to work for another . months when he wants to review me. I am very upset with that.
 On Friday I will be having a ct scan to see how well the chemo has worked. At least by 3 months my hair will have grown back and I can spend the Summer with Gray as he's been laid off.
 As I'm doing the family history for years I've found a cousin on my dad's side. She's got all my paternal grandmother's family in her tree. She's also a friend on facebook so I've messaged her. It will be very helpful because my genetic counsillor and myself have been trying to get in touch with my dad's side for a long time as we lost touch with them years ago.I wrote to one cousin and she totally ignoredme. The main reason I wanted to be genetically tested was to save my cousins lives.

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